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Whether or Knot, LLC dba AerisWeather are a subsidiary of Vaisala, a publicly listed Finnish Company. Vaisala are a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements with 1,600 employees serving 150+ countries. 

More information about AerisWeather can be found on their website:


Vaisala Core Functions: 

  • Vaisala build the weather sensors and forecast systems for the majority of airports. Alongside this they build take-off and landing management systems using sensors that monitor wind-sheer and forecasts for flight control. They also provide lightening & weather reports for airlines and airports

  • Vaisala’s sensors are being used on the current NASA Mars Rover. 

  • AerisWeather is the ‘data delivery’ element of Vaisala. They aggregate data from radar, satellites, ground-weather stations, and Vaisala’s own sensors. This meteorological data is aggregated to deliver hyper-local weather data. 


Other notable AerisWeather customers include Trane Technologies, Siemens, Progressive Insurance.


AerisWeather deliver the best resolution meteorological data. As an independent data 3-rd party data provider, they remove any potential conflict of interest and provide BirdsEyeView with official loss verification reports (based upon long/lat) within 12-hours of a weather event occurring.


How do AerisWeather collect weather data?


Interpolated data is AerisWeather’s first choice for verification because it has consistent coverage and is always available, where high-quality weather stations are not. 


Tell me more about the Interpolated Data


AerisWeather’s interpolated data is localized to the exact point and time the data is requested for. To interpolate AerisWeather leverages its large network of both public and proprietary Ground Weather Stations in combination with numerous Forecast gridded model datasets and reanalysis gridded datasets to interpolate both spatially and temporally to the location(s) and time(s) requested. Data is interpolated to either the latitude and longitude orcentroid of the city, state, and country requested.  

AerisWeather maintains a worldwide database of 10 years’ worth of historical gap-free data in hourly and daily summary increments. The database comes from various sources such as: 

  • Public Weather Stations (example: NOAA MADIS, etc)

  • Airports (example: METAR- METeorological Aviation Report) 

  • Proprietary networks (businesses, universities, weather institutes, weather enthusiasts, etc.)

  • Reanalysis Gridded Datasets

  • Forecast Model Gridded Datasets

  • Weather radar (example: National Weather Service NEXRAD Radar network, etc.) 

  • Satellites (example: GOES- Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite)


AerisWeather Verification Report 


All claims will be verified using an Aeris Weather Verification Report 

The report (an example copy of which is included in the link below) will detail the hourly weather data measurements and will highlight whether your Insured Weather Peril has been triggered or not. 

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