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BirdsEyeView Launches WEATHER ANALYTIX™ 2.0

We’re pleased to announce that overnight BirdsEyeView released WEATHER ANALYTIX™ 2.0, its Climate, Weather and NatCat Modelling technology for underwriters.

The key highlights of this update include:

  1. Improved Stochastic Modelling: Using the fastest cloud-computing available, WEATHER ANALYTIX™ 2.0 analyses historical weather patterns and trends, running exactly 32,000 Monte Carlo simulations for each location and individual peril. This data is processed, modelled, and occurrence probabilities are displayed in 1.5 — 4.5 seconds.

  2. Advanced Visualisation and Functionality: The new version introduces an intuitive user interface with interactive charts, maps, and graphs to facilitate faster decision making. WEATHER ANALYTIX™ is configured for computer, tablet and mobile.

  3. API Integrations: Weather Analytix 2.0 offers robust APIs and easy integration options. Underwriters, analysts and actuaries can now feed BirdsEyeView’s models directly into internal pricing tools, spreadsheets, workflows and applications.

  4. Improved Climate Change & Weather Phenemonon Trending: Changing weather patterns due to climate change and weather phenomena such as El Niño are accounted for by adjusting the historical time series by the observed trends and propagating such effects to the final risk calculation, leading to slight corrections of the raw probability. The effects of such adjustments is more pronounced for risks over long time periods.

Product development has been fast since launch in December and, as an increasing number of Lloyds and London market insurers adopt the technology, over the coming months we will continue to incorporate new perils, models, features and functionalities.

To learn more about Weather Analytix 2.0 and its benefits, visit or email us directly as

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